Statement Jackets

Kut Klothes Statement jacket pose

My Statement Jacket
KUT from the Kloth-@Nordstrom Rack $49.99


Statement jackets need to steal the show.  I would recommend something with color or even a little sparkle. Of course a bad ass Black leather jacket can do the trick, but you’re tall and you shouldn’t want to try and blend in with the crowd. You want to stand out glamorously. I have to admit this is one of those challenging items for tall women with long arms.
And this is where I tell you it’s okay to find one with sleeves just long enough to push up to show off some bangles. Plus you can find one in the stores all day because of course, they cater to the average height woman. But if that’s not a route you want to go I have some selection below where you can find a Jacket with extended sleeves.  Remember when you start you search for that Statement Jacket have fun with it.
Alternatives below
statement jacketsWorthington Peplum Jacket@JCPenny’
Lavish Alice Sequin Collarless Cape
Leather Biker Jacket@Long Tall
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