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Top 5 Fall Outerwear Picks

Fall is approaching and it’s almost time to pull our coats and jackets back out for the cooler weather. For me, living in Cali is nothing like back home in Virginia. It’s seems like we hardly ever change seasons. As long as I’ve been out here I think the coldest temperature I’ve notice was the low 50’s. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, but it’s

just that this is my second favorite season because I get to do a lot of layering. I feel like my body has adapted to the point where I now feel like 50 degrees is just as cold as 30 degrees. But there are times where it feels warm enough to go sleeveless. It all depends on my mood I guess. There are plenty of rainy days too, so at least I get to have some obvious changes in the weather. Anyway here are my top 5 picks for Fall outerwear I want to add to my closet.

  1. Suede Sleeveless Trench (this Berry color is on point)
  2. Maxi Duster– So here is the thing about this jacket. I have not been able to find a duster that I like with long enough sleeves, but I like how it looks rolled on this.
  3. Wool Wrap Jacket
  4. Chic Rain Coat
  5. Military Sleeveless Jacket (I am wearing one in my pic, but I thought this one was cute too)


As always I love to hear from my fellow tall fashionistas. Comment below if you found a great jacket or coat for fall.
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