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Camo Jacket Tall Fashion

Military Inspired Tall FashionGrowing up a Navy kid, I loved seeing my step-dad dressed in his uniform. I remember admiring how sharp and structured his clothes were every morning.  The hat down to those shiny patent leather shoes he was always put together. The colors and designs of the military uniforms are interesting, since all branches have specific ones just for them. With different statuses or purposes behind each one. Its no surprise fashion imitated them to create a trend. 

 Now with the ongoing Military and Utilitarian trends inspiring spring fashion,  a girl can make it her own by adding a feminine touch. This spring you’ll be seeing Camouflage jacket decorate with fashionable badges of personality. From pins to patches, and maybe some embroidery. Structured Military jackets with flowly dresses and skirts. Or even just the Khaki or Army Green colors drawing the attention to a pair of paperbag pants. Which ever you choose to style adding your personal touch can turn this form of men’s wear to something only a women can appreciate. Here are 5 pieces that caught my eye.

1. Curatd X LongTallSally Utility Boiler Suit (On sale now for $35)
2. H&M Utility Shirt
3. Banana Republic One-Pocket Wrap Skirt
4. New York & Company Faux Leather Military Jacket
5. Asos Camo Jacket with Badges
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