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The Folk Revival Festival With Let Height Arise

Let Height Arise Embroidered Dress

Let Height Arise Embroidered Dress

Hey! This past weekend I hung out with Let height Arise at the Long Beach Folk Revival Festival. Being the culture curious women that I am, it was an experience that was actually not bad. Plenty of food , drinks, and music. Apparently this is there 5th year. I had more fun watching the styles of everyday people that I’m not normally around. A lot of Boho looks, but plenty of  free spirited dressers in the crowd getting down to the music as well. Now I’m not going to start downloading Folk music, I will forever be a die-hard R&B and Hip Hop fan, but I  actually enjoyed  the bands.

Anyway let’s get to the fashion. As mentioned before in this post, I met Shane(the owner) at the Tall Society’s Brunch back in 2016. We connected and have been cool ever since.  When she invited me to come chill, I was down for supporting my girl. I even had the chance to snoop through her inventory and style myself as well as Ashley (another cool gal who made a connection with Shane at this year’s brunch. If you haven’t gone yet, you definitely should) for the day. I wore the Fiesta Off The Shoulder dress($52). While Ashly wore the White After Labor Day dress($69). Two great dresses to snatch up for next summer.

There were other really great pieces from tops to dresses and even some jewels to bring out the best of the garments. Shane is actually bringing in more inventory for Fall and working on a new website. As for now you can still find her boutique on Poshmark here to snatch up some of her affordable clothes and jewelry.

As for me, I gotta get back to on the grind. I swear when you have a life-changing event it can be a struggle to get back on track. But hey you just gotta take it one day at time. Right?

Let Height Arise Embroidered Dress Tall Fashion BlogLet Height Arise White Off The Shoulder Dress Let Height Arise Owner Shane

Let Height Arise Jewelry Table left

Let Height Arise Jewelry table right

Let Height Arise Folk Festival Tent


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