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The Best Way to Develop Your Personal Style

How to evolve your personal style

How to define your personal styleThe best way to develop or refine your style is by creating a visual style ( mood) board.  As women we go through so many phases in life that our personal styles change along the way until we settle with something that suits us perfectly. It may be a breakup or divorce, a new job, or simply a need of something new.  I seriously needed to tweak my style when I switched careers from the fashion industry to the educational settings. I kept what I liked but had to reevaluate how I needed to present myself on the campus. That meant no OTS or sheer tops, distressed denim, or open toe shoes really. And to mention after neglecting myself for some time because of a stressful job change & taking care of the household, I had to get it together. I wanted my style to read who I want to become as a Bosschick. 

Style boards are not only great for developing your personal style, but also with saving you money and time. Shopping would be less a hassle. Getting dressed in the AM would be a breeze. You may even get an amazing idea  for that top that you end up wearing every week. All this because your board is filled with your style inspiration & items you want. When you know what you want  it’s just simple. 


How to evolve your personal style

Sometimes I don’t want the stress of finding things to wear or searching through racks of clothes to find what I am looking for. So this board helps me narrow down those things without the mental struggle. As you can see mine has my style icons and items I love. Wether it’s on an actual board or Pinterest ( check out mine here) a style board can help you too. 

How to evolve your personal style How to evolve your personal style How to evolve your personal styleHow to evolve your personal style How to evolve your personal style How to evolve your personal style

What would you add to your style board? Drop me a comment below

Thanks for the love, coasties!


Akia Danielle

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    December 18, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Loved reading this and totally agree! Style is always evolving as we evolve personally.

    xx Shann

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