Tall Closet Essentials: The Trench Coat

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Every season we hunt for coats and jackets that will serve the purpose to protect us from the unpredictable acts of the weather.  If anything, we should be sure to find one of quality and style. The trench has been a coat that never goes out of style and is adored by everyone since it made its debut in 1879.

What other coat can you wear rain, shine, sleet, and snow with a few layer tricks up your sleeve. Trench coats are an all time classic and its look gets better every year. With the variety of trenches out there, including the Belted Double Breasted classic, every women can find one that suits her personal style. After doing my own research here is what I learned about finding the right one.

  • As taller women we look great with knee length or longer trenches.
  • Splurging on a quality trench makes a great investment considering it can be worn throughout all 4 seasons.
  • Be sure it’s waterproof. Cotton Gabardine is best known for keeping moisture away, but Nylon and Polyester are also water resistant.
  • Play with tying the belt. Why just buckle it when you a can tie it to fit your style.
  • For the slim, a trench with a flared bottom can give you more shape and for my curvier tall ladies a single-breasted trench is an great options as well.

All black with a trench coat tall fashion blogTrench coat tall fashion blogTrench coat style tall fashion blog


Trench Coat tall fashion blogBanana Republic trench coat tall fashion blogBanana Republic trench coat tall fashion blog

Now as to finding one, I searched for some reasonable priced trench coats for the tall ladies. Especially since we all can’t afford Burberry. Check these out.

  1. Long Tall Sally
  2. Old Navy
  3. Banana Republic
  4. London Fog
  5. Local Thrift stores. (I lucked up on this Banana Republic trench)

Got any tips for finding a great Trench Coat? Comment below!



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