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  • The East on the West Weekly Fashion Round

    The Fashion Round-Up: Week 5.7.18

    Hey Coastie! Welcome to the Fashion Round-Up series. I am working on saving for a major purchase that requires me to spend as less as possible. So I figured because IRL…

  • Throw on a blazer and heels to bawse up camo pants- tall spring fashion

    How to Free-Style Camo Pants

    Hey Coastie! I am super siked to share this post because I have been searching for the perfect pair of Camo pants to wear this Spring.  There are plenty of styles…

  • Old Navy Floral Dress with Mother Denim Denim Jacket & Smash Shoes Heels- Tall Spring Fashion

    Friday Favs: 5 Spring Dresses under $70

    Yass, Spring come thru! You guys I am super excited for Spring! Even though the weather isn't cooperating right now that shouldn't stop us from finding the perfect dresses. I have…

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