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  • Old Navy Floral Dress with Mother Denim Denim Jacket & Smash Shoes Heels- Tall Spring Fashion

    Friday Favs: 5 Spring Dresses under $70

    Yass, Spring come thru! You guys I am super excited for Spring! Even though the weather isn't cooperating right now that shouldn't stop us from finding the perfect dresses. I have…

  • Neutral Blazer and Denim Tall Spring Look

    Light Neutral Blazer

    Blazers are a woman’s best friend, along side with a great pair of jeans, when it comes to versatile pieces. It’s always recommend to have a black or navy blazer because…

  • The West Life

    The Tall Jeans Guide- II

    Welcome to the second denim guide! If you missed the first one, click here to check it out. I am working on getting more jeans to review for length. It may…

  • Style

    5 Sweaters You Should Get Now

    Fall is somewhat here for the west coast and pretty soon winter will be creeping up soon. Southern Cali has it’s weird way of transitioning seasons, but who’s keep up. Either way ,it’s…

  • Style, The West Life

    Tall Girl Top 5 Denim Flares

    I had the perfect opportunity to wear my new pair of  High- Rise denim Flares. We decided to take the kids on a spontaneous adventure to enjoy the Surf City Nights…

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