Light Neutral Blazer

Neutral Blazer and Denim Tall Spring Look

Oversized Neutral Blazer wih a bodysuit and denim jeansBlazers are a woman’s best friend, along side with a great pair of jeans, when it comes to versatile pieces. It’s always recommend to have a black or navy blazer because they fit every occasion. But what about a lighter tone to add a laid back vibe to your outfit? It was something about this one that I snatched up from Runway Boutique in LA that made me fall in love with it.  When I think of Spring and Summer I feel your clothes should appear cool and relaxed. So a lighter neutral tone fits the bill exactly. Regardless of the material you never want to look too hot or too serious on a beautiful day. Something like this or even a pastel color would go perfect with a tee and a shorts  or dresses. I personally love the bodysuit and blazer combo. It’s like a casual sexy vibe. Or a bustier and a pair of linen pants. I am getting chills just thinking of the numerous looks, LOL.

Tall tip: Don’t worry about the sleeves. Push them up or try a 3/4 sleeve. The whole point is to look like you’re are relaxing in style. 

The Outfit: Blazer-Runway Boutique (alternative, alternative, alternative) ∫ Bodysuit- Forever 21 ∫ Jeans- Old Navy ∫ Mules- Target

Neutral Blazer and Denim Tall Spring Look Forever 21 Bodysuit and Denim Jeans with a Neutral Blazer Forever 21 Bodysuit and Neutral Blazer with Gold Accessories Neutral Color Blazer Old Navy Denim Jeans and Mules Forever 21 Olive Bodysuit Neutral Blazer and Gold accessories Olive Bodysuit Neutral Blazer Tall Spring Outfit

Always stand tall with confidence!


Akia Danielle

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