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Hoop Evolution Tall Fashion Blog StyleThe days of the classic hoop earrings will never be over. I remember getting my first pair of gold hoops as a kid. Man did I fell fly as ever. Wearing a pair made me feel much older than I was. Even though studs are cute, the power of the hoop is unbeatable.  I am sure my daughter feels the same way now with her hoops, LOL. The only pair I never owned were a pair of Bambo Earrings. These were a big thing especially with LL Cool J rapping about them in “Round The Way Girl” back in the day. I just might have to snatch up some just to treasure them. As part of my everyday style, I stay wearing my thin gold pair like here and here.

Now, hoops went from your basic circles to adding a few touches making every pair unique.  Pulled back ponies and even up-dos must be into play more often. Whether you find a cute pair at H&M  or drop some serious dough at a jewelry store, you definitely need you a good old classic pair. Twist, Fringe, Drop Hoops, and Doubles are just the beginning to having a little fun. Check out these pairs to add a little spice to your fall wardrobe. 



Akia Danielle

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