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5 Ways to Get Your Glow Poppin for Spring

How to get your Spring Glow Poppin

Get Your Glo Poppin for Spring-Tall Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Every time the season changes, it’s the perfect reason to make some GRWN changes. I feel like each season has it own emotional effects on a person. Like winter, makes people a little moody because they are mostly in the house all season. For my East Coasties, it’s probably for the better since ya’ll deal with more colder temps. But when Spring hits, it’s like a breath of fresh air! It’s time to get your Glow on. Talk about feeling gitty (excited)! Plus Spring gets you ready for the Summer. So I thought I would share some tips that I am using to get myself poppin for Spring that could help you as well. Cause that’s how we roll. 


1. First off, Let’s get our skin together because we will be out and about more than usual.

I definitely recommend seeing your dermatologist if you haven’t already. This will give you that boost you need to start a spring skin-care regimen.  Sometimes the different temperatures effect our skin differently, so it’s best to get that checked. Make sure you stay hydrated too!

2. Once you have that under control, let’s head to the make-up counter or drugstore and stock-up on your favorite make-up in Spring/Summer colors.

I think this is the perfect time to rock the “No Make-up” or the Natural Dewy Glow make-up looks. It’s something about fresh looking skin in the Spring that says I’ve been hibernating and “I have arrived”! (Thanks Nene Leakes for that quote!) A tinted moisturizer should do the trick. And we can’t forget to add the glow  for that pow effect! @badgirlriri go you covered on that with Fenty Beauty and now with the Body Lava coming out on April 6th.

3. Time for Spring cleaning! For your closet that is.

Store all those heavy warm pieces away and keep those that can be easily transitioned season to season. Plus this will help you take inventory and make room for must have new pieces. You know we always find one.

4. Set up a Me-time routine.

For all my mothers, we definitely need this. For at least 10 min up to an hour, set aside time for to get your mind right everyday. And I don’t mean prowling on social media. Read an inspiring book or article, meditate, exercise, or tap into your spiritual guidance. What ever you do this your time for you and it will help set the mood for the day.

5. Get out(side)and have some fun with family or friends.

Take a trip or go to a festival. What ever you do mingle, dance, and laugh. Lord knows I need to, LOL.



So that’s it my beautiful peeps. I hope these tips have sparked some interest. Cause I only want the best for the best. 

Thanks for being a supporter!


Akia Danielle

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