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5 Affordable White Blazers

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Summer is coming to a end and there is no better time to get a white blazer to end the season with.  It seems like the go to colors for blazers are usually black and navy. But I think white gives a whole other perspective on style. It’s classy, unique, and fresh. I am still playing around with this one from Forever 21. I want to see how many looks I can pull off with it. When you find the perfect fit everything else is simple.

So here is the thing about the fit for blazers, it has to be right. The main focuses you want to worry about are….

  • Shoulder seams should meet at the end of your shoulders
  • You should be able to give yourself a little snug hug
  • While buttoned there should be no pulling around that area

As far as lengths in the arms and the jacket itself, that’s free range for style play. I say this because with all the types of styles of blazers out there we can try what ever fits our personality. But if your concern is length in a quality jacket, be sure the sleeves hit where your wrist meets the hand. As for the jacket length itself, it should hit you hip line. Other wise have fun with your fresh blazer. Here are 5 affordable White blazers right now.

ASOS Tall ASOS TALL Open Back Blazer with Tape • $38
Boohoo Hollie Turn Up Cuff Woven Blazer • $40
Women’s Mural Structured Blazer • $44.90
ASOS Blazer with Split Sleeves • $50.40
FOREVER 21+ Open-Front Longline Blazer • $11

White Blazer Tall Fashion Blog

Outfit Details

Night: Blazer- Forever 21/ Skirt- Long Tall Sally/ Camisole- Rue 21

Day: Blazer-Forever 21/ Shorts- AEO/Tee- Height Goddess


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